• Our Services – Your Benefit

    Our Services – Your Benefit

    VS provides a variety of LED-related services. For individual LEDs, these services mainly comprise LED assembly, reel taping and selection.

    Our in-house chip sorter enables fully automated sorting of LED chips in line with their homogeneity, which in turn guarantees highly homogeneous lighting solutions.

    In the field of LED modules, we support customer-specific developments for a broad variety of applications – from the initial idea to readiness for mass production.

  • LED Modules and Systems

    From development to mass-producible product

    We would like to present a short overview of the individual LED light module development services offered by Vossloh-Schwabe. These services can be booked as individual development modules, or as part of a customer-specific turnkey development project. Please contact your VS representative for further details.

    Further information can be found here